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In-Home Psychotherapy Services

The best way to get to know someone is to visit them in their own home.  This allows a client to be more at ease and reduces the anxiety that sitting in an office can bring.  In-home psychotherapy eliminates the need for transportation, allows for flexibility in scheduling and creates an environment conducive to maximum comfort and growth.




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Areas of Practice


Our therapists are specialized in helping people adapt to the aging process.  Whether you are experiencing a chronic illness, ongoing mental health issues, a transition to a new living arrangement or facing uncertainty, it helps to talk about it.  We help you to identify areas you wish to change, identify new coping skills, set realistic goals and re-engage in your life.  Entering into a therapy relationship is the first step to lasting changes.  Change can be scary, but we will help you embrace it.

One-time consultation

During life transitions, it may be helpful to utilize an unbiased third party to facilitate a family meeting.  As a Geriatric Care Manager, I can meet with the family as a whole, or a caregiver alone to provide a one-time consultation, resources and support. We can assist with housing consultations, advance directives, in-home assessments and communication assistance. This service is unable to be billed to Medicare and is subject to our private pay rate.

clinical supervision

In the field of social work, good supervision can be the difference between a mediocre clinician and a stellar one.  I am a board-approved supervisor for LMSW's wishing to become LCSW's.  Please contact me for more information about clinical supervision rates.


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